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Capturing The Moment

Beyond just images…a photographer expresses the perfection of a moment, the tenderness of an age, the personality of a child or pet. We photograph the emotions in your relationship that define the human connection.
Whether you?re a first time or returning visitor, this easy-to-use site helps you prepare for your portrait session. Your captivating portraits all begins in our portrait studios.
Meet your photographer and let him capture those special moments in your life. Then let our portrait studios capture memories that will last a lifetime.
For a more personalized touch discuss with us any of your portrait ideas.
We are a full service portrait studio serving North East Pennsylvania. We specialize in portraits of families, children, daycare, pets and high school seniors. After exploring our web site, please contact us about your portrait needs. We look forward to serving you!



Scott D. Ruback is my name photography is my passion

I have been a Photographer for 30 years!
I love living here in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania
I have enjoyed photographing Weddings, Senior Portraits, Day Cares and Preschools, Family’s and pets and all kinds of animals. I recieved my training shooting pets from PCA International and have worked in Petsmart in Arizona for 3 years. I enjoyed photographing things like pet kangaroos, albino boa constrictors, iguanas, albino raccoons & more. I returned to the NEPA area in 1997 to work with a good friend of mine. I have owned and operated my own studio since 2000. Living here in the country, I love to shoot nature.

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